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Israel Egesionu

Apostle & Lead Pastor

Our Lead Pastor – Apostle Israel Egesionu is from the priestly family of Rev Dr. LOV Egesionu. He gave his life to Christ at 14 and has been mightily used of God in conferences, church planting, crusades, and various Christian meetings in demonstrating the power of God. He is an anointed teacher of the word and is full of power, passion, and unction of the Holy Spirit as he rightly shares the kingdom message. Apostle Israel (as fondly called) is a charismatic leader in the body of Christ and has been involved in great revival and crusade meetings in Africa, USA, and Jamaica. He has witnessed miracles of the lame walking, blind seeing, and dead brought back to life leading to the salvation of many during his ministering

Apostle Israel has been used of God in amazing ways and has operated in the fivefold ministry at various times. He is also an anointed worshipper, author, counselor, and a humble leader.

He is married to his wife - Pastor Gift Egesionu, who operates in the Prophetic and family-based ministry, and both live in NJ, USA with their four precious Children-Heavenly, Delight, Excellence, and Treasure from where they lead a Fast growing Church – Saints of God Mission (Soulwinners Glorious Assembly) International.

Israel Egesionu is a Trained Attorney, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and has a PhD in Clinical Psychology with minor in Forensics. He believes that our career and calling must sync to fulfill God’s kingdom dominion agenda. His works will inspire you towards royal priesthood, transformation and fulfilling divine purpose

Our Pastorates

Israel Egesionu

Apostle & Lead Pastor

Israel Egesionu is from the priestly family of Rev Dr. LOV Egesionu. He gave his life to Christ at 14.

Gift Egesionu


Pastor Gift Egesionu, by virtue of marriage to her father in Lord Apostle Israel Egesionu, became a part of this great assembly in the year 2017 when the Lord birthed this vision

Precious Ezen


Pastor Precious Chinyere met Jesus Christ at a younger age and have served in various capacities under the body of Christ before the Lord sent her to this glorious family

Favor Aniegbuna


Pastor Favor Ebere Aniegbuna though born and raised in church; her spiritual growth began under the mentorship of Apostle Israel Egesionu

Timothy Medobi

Associate Pastor

Pastor Ejike Timothy Medobi was originally born into a catholic home but had a unique encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ when he joined this ministry. Through the ministry of his father in the Lord Apostle Israel he gave his life to Christ and was baptized in the Holy Ghost and with his guidance and mentorship,

Testimony Motachwa


Pastor Testimony Motachwa has been a part of this ministry since its birth as has witnessed a total transformation of her life. When she entered this ministry, she was just an average American teenager starting fresh in college.

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